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Seems like magic, but it is not. It is always there, though we fail to notice it because we live in an artificial environment where we can't see how powerful the work of nature is. Every square metre receives 1 Kilowatt of sun power and even at a low efficiency of 10%, still 100 watts per square metre is a huge amount of power. Considering a small flat of 50 square metres, you could catch at least 5 kilowats on your roof. The average home needs 400 watts with fridge and computer. Well, that's only to notice what we don't use every day and it is there.

All that power transformed naturally by plants makes huge amounts of hydrocarbons in the form of plants, their fruits and products. Usually what we call "weeds" are the basis to feed not just cattle, which is the most common use, but most important are the smaller species, earth worms, snails, woodlice (Oniscidea) and hundreds and thousands more, which begin the magic of feeding all farm animals from chicken, ducks and even fish. There is nothing magic and the process is mainly free, we just need people who wish to be on pick-nick day EVERY DAY and enjoy life, to look after nature and COLLECT the free be paid very well for that joy.


Risk Free investment. Your funds are immediately converted into assets and raw materials. Online accounting system lets you monitor where and how your funds are being used to produce goods and services. We target a wide range of markets linked to the CPI with direct benefits to customers who belong to our network. Whether cloting, food, drinks, travel, entertainment, culture, education, technology, we give high value to the work done by our employees so they can actively drive the economic success by making use of the services and products created by our local and international network of sustainable economic activities.

Openversity domain created in 2011. Our executives have over 30 years professional experience in engineering, business, accounting, sustainable agriculture, machinery building, automation, transportation and logistics.


All Investments are handled via e-mail to
i n f o at this domain. Due to the nature of projects most are neither published here nor in forum. The forum is only to guide people in general on how to organize a project or become part of an existing one.

The Openversity Network has people around the Globe so you can organize your production or market easily. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you do something of value, you will obtain excellent profits.


Responsive made by us, without JS intentionally, and 15 KB total css+html. The idea of keeping a website so simple is to promote less heavy sites as part of our education platform for programming and information systems.

Web Sites are the face of your organization to the world and should be simple and clear, without needing so much time and resources to load, having good databases behind and engines that give results quickly.